Re: DIA export Error on Kubuntu

On 09/02/2014 03:28 AM, Emanuele Benatti wrote:
I have Kubuntu 14.04 with the latest version of Dia. I've created some
graphics and a I want to export, without background, into a png or jpeg
file. Every time i try to do Dia creates a png file with rubbish text.
For example, if i create a diagram with a single rectangle shape with a
text inside, dia export a correct shape with rubbish text.
How can i fix it? I hope someone can help me.

There is a known bug in an underlying library that breaks Cairo export
filters, including PDF, some PNG and even printing itself. It produces
text with some incorrectly placed letters due to a kerning problem.

Does this description match your problem?

A workaround has already been implemented in the master development
branch and is scheduled for release in 0.97.3.

This means that if you compile it yourself you will get a working Dia.

Best regards.

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