Re: How to set up to create a diagram to print on one sheet?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 08:35:49PM +0400, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Chris Green!

Er, but this rather conflicts with the first sentence doesn't it?
Seeing the page breaks means that you *are* creating a diagram on a
page, or at least with an awareness of the page breaks.

Only if you decide to do so. Page breaks are there for reference, not for
What if you do not intend to print the diagram at all? Wouldn't having
enforced page breaks impede your ability to draw what you need?

Yes, I absolutely agree.  When I use Dia to create diagrams that I
then use on web pages or embedded in documents it works fine because I
can scale the diagram after creation using the destination's scaling.

However this approach doesn't work well when printing direct from Dia
because scaling the symbols in Dia doesn't work too well.

   I set the Page Set Up to Letter, Landscape, all margins 0.5in top, bottom,
   left & right,. and a Scale of around 35% (depending on the monitor I am
   using).  This gives me a page about the size and shape of my screen.

OK, this makes reasonable sense.  I've never understood why default
margins (on every program I have ever come across) are always so huge. 

Because default margins are set according to polygraphic standards.
They aren't looking that huge, when you read the book, right?

Yes, nothing to do with Dia anyway, it was just a throw away comment. 

However I don't have 1" margins on my A4 documentation in general, it
looks silly to my mind.

I *like* Dia everyone, I use it for creating diagrams and it's
excellent and in addition simple to use.  I just wish it was easier to
quickly create a diagram and print it.

Chris Green

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