Re: How to set up to create a diagram to print on one sheet?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 09:53:22AM -0400, Michael Ross wrote:
   I am not a developer, I am just telling you how it works.  You can get any
   kind of printing action  with Dia.  You will have to find someone else to
   argue about this with.  
    "...want to create some diagrams which I will print on A4 paper."
   Set up the page to A4, scale the diagram to fit in the page breaks for A4
   and hit print..  It will all fit on A4 paper then.  You want multiple
   pages - put each page inside the bounds of the page breaks and hit
   I will suggest one more thing.  If you want to get an open source program
   (built entirely by volunteers) changed, but you want others to make the
   change for you, you will find that being cranky will not get you very far.
    You can draw more flies with sugar than with vinegar.
   One more bit of practical advice.  You are a supplicant here.  You really
   should treat your benefactors better.
   I doubt I will feel encouraged enough by your attitude to discuss the use
   of Dia with you further.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be negative, just trying to work out how to
print diagrams directly from Dia onto A4 paper.

I must admit I have hit this problem before, Dia is a lovely program
and I use it quite a lot, but the difficulty of just creating a
diagram and *printing* it sometimes spoils it.

For creating diagrams that go onto web pages and similar it 'just
works' I agree with you.

Chris Green

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