Re: Unable to open Dia properly

I run my shortcut with this target: "C:\Program Files\Dia\bin\diaw.exe" --integrated

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 4:14 PM, Mike <austinml hotmail com> wrote:
(This is a repeat of the email sent on 12/3/14. I am keen to use Dia)
I have downloaded Dia and installed it OK in Windows 8.1, did some testing and closed it.
I am happy with it but now I can't work out how to open it again!
No shortcut appeared on my Desktop, fair enough. So I tried to find dia.exe to set up a shortcut but couldn't.
I have tried Run from the Windows menu but the best I can get is for dia.exe but it has separate screens for the canvas and for the objects menu, nothing like it was on the initial view after download.
Mike Austin.

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