Re: Diagram tree not showing on Ubuntu 13.10, Dia 0.97.2

At 09.04.2014 19:02, Arne Halvorsen wrote:
I have installed both Dia and Dia-gnome, and the diagram tree is not showing.

I *think* that was the state of affairs on the previous Ubuntu too.

Ubuntu is known to add "improvements" which make Dia look bad [1]. But I don't think this is the main issue here.

Any hints?

I've just checked with Ubuntu 12.04. The diagram tree works as expected with some limitations. So the first hint is to be more precise with the error description: "diagram tree is not showing" could be:

a) the diagram tree window does not show?
No idea if that's your issue.

b) the diagram tree window is too small to show something
Just resize it, I think the default sizing is broken by the above mentioned "improvement".

c) the diagram tree window is empty
Just load the diagram after opening the diagram tree window.

d) the diagram tree windwow only shows the diagram entry
Again probably a Dia bug. IIRC the old diagram tree window needs to be active to get populated with elements correctly.

e) something completely different
If so, than what?



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