Developing a Test-taking environment feasibility question


I am an academic interested in developing a test-taking environment for my students who are creating process flowcharts. I am wondering if using Python to develop the appropriate add-ins if it would be feasible to accomplish this or perhaps some elements. Without going to into excessive detail, could someone comment on the feasibility of implementing features such as the following:

1. Restrict access to certain file operations (e.g., save as, export)
2. Restrict opening an existing file (they have to start with a blank sheet)
3. Possibly restrict the copy and paste functionality.
4. Control the save function to save within a particular location unknown to the user.
5. Add a menu item or button to submit an assignment
6. Export the saved (submitted) item to another application for uploading.

I am obviously not a python programmer or perhaps I might understand if this is even possible. However, I did recently design a system and paid a programmer to implement most of these features using Visio and AutoIT. However, the design is far from elegant and some things are difficult to control without creating a lot of overhead which slows the system down.

I also realize that this is a solution to curtail the minor few who are interested in trying to share test answers/solutions to others or somehow come up with a way to skirt around certain requirements. Still, it is an interesting puzzle and has been fun trying to come up with a solution.

Thank you for your comments and feedback!

Ryan Baxter

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