Re: All-in-one window option (--integrated)

Greetings, Doom!

I upgraded last week my pc to windows seven and after reinstalling Dia, it
is not in all-in-one window mode ( --integrated ) as previously.
When I open a windows terminal and type the dia.exe --integrated, it works.

Now I want that when I double clic a dia file, it opens it in a all-in-one
dia window.

Change the association command to your taste.

I have tried to add the option in the file extension association table, but
it doesn't accept the --integrated.

Works for me.
Please, show the output of

ASSOC .dia
FTYPE <what is .dia file is associated with>

I have tried to make a batch file which opens the file with dia in
integrated mode. It works but the terminal windows is still open which is
dangerous (exiting without save if the terminal is closed by mistake)

Eh? Makes no sense to me. What exactly is dangerous?

Is there another simple and more secure way ?
Is there a config file to force Dia in integrated mode ?

Andrey Repin (anrdaemon freemail ru) 23.10.2013, <22:02>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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