Custom Extensions to new Shapes


It would be great if the XML used to create shapes could be extended to support a few other types.
I think most cases could be catered for if the following was available (maybe it already is and I haven't seen it)

Enums and Composite Types - i.e. something along the lines of

<ext_attribute name="DayOfWeek" type="enum">
  <value type="string">MON</value>
  <value type="string">TUE</value>
  <value type="string>WED</value>

This would be represented as a drop down box on the attributes page.

Composite Type:
<ext_attribute name="Date" type="composite">
  <attribute name="Day" type="int"/>
  <attribute name="Month" type="string"/>
  <attribute name="Year" type="int"/>

This would be represented on a single line like this (obviously with current values subsidised):

|Day: 17 | Month: Sept | Year: 2012 |

Are there any plans do add this kind of functionality?  If not could anyone suggest what files I would need to start looking at to add support for the enum type at least ?  I've been looking at custom_object.c, but still trying to figure out how all the attributes are parsed and the resultant data is drawn to screen.

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