Re: Lingua italiano diaw.exe 0.97.2

Dear Ale,

Requiring English does not guarantee more understanding.  As you note
this is a small, but international list; there is no reason to require
English, we can be flexible to the situation, and the people involved,
be  After many years on this list, that seems
to be the tradition - be flexible not dogmatic.

We have people who are happy to help in other languages, and it is
easy to obtain translation via Google, and so on.  Sometimes it is
better to receive the native language and let the Dia list users
translate it into whatever language they are most comfortable with.

I find that taking the native language and using Google translate is
often more understandable than the translation of the person posting
the message.  Recently Gmail added a feature when I receive a message
in a language other than English, the reader automatically provides a
interface for me to translate, if I wish.


On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 4:19 AM, Ale Strooisma <alestrooisma gmx net> wrote:
This mailing-list is international, so please use English. Most people here
can't read italian, and therefore can't help you.

However, for the other folks, I believe your question is: how to install dia
in Italian on an English OS.

Kind regards, Ale

On 09/13/2012 04:04 PM, gcantelli alice it wrote:

Buon giorno,
ho istallato il programma diaw.exe 0.97.2 su un sistema operativo seven in
lingua inglese e il programma non mi permette di cambiare lingua in

mi potete aiutare ?



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