Re: Dia freeze up

At 09.09.2012 16:32, Michael Ross wrote:

This happens often, and I don't know how to trouble shoot it to provide
better information.

Checking changes in your usage pattern could be a starting point (or maybe you are seeing more freezes with Dia 0.97.2 than with Dia 0.97.1?)

Running 0.97.2 on Win7

There was a big dependency update with the last minor update of Dia with the dia-installer. So you might trigger some bug comming with that update.

Just now I was placing an arc between to circle centers.  The 3rd pick is
to change the diameter, when tried to do this it got stuck and I have the
busy cursor.   I will have to kill the program to get it free, start again,
and loose my work.

I recently had a freeze in cairo related to arcs with invalid parameters. Are you using the antialiased (cairo) rendering? If so the probabilty of freezes might be reduced by switching to the non-antialiased.

This happens nearly every time I use Dia.   I have not kept good track of
what I am doing when this happens.  It may only be the arc, but it may be
other functions as well.

Maybe the log-file %TEMP%\dia--0.97.2.log contains more information.

Any ideas about how to stop it without killing Dia?  Any ideas on how to
tell what causes the problem?

Not that I thought it would help, but last time reinstallation seems to have solved your problem (-:

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