Re: How to fill shape bodies with texture effects?

To the extent that you can work images of texture into your own custom shapes you can do this. An image is easily expanded and contracted. but it is basically rectangular. ÂYou might develop some things in Inkscape, another nice freeware program, and then import them into Dia.

You can develop a shape as a group of objects and use copy and paste to reproduce it. ÂNot the same as a shape from one of the sheets.

Take a look at the set of shapes called Cisco - Misc, these the most elaborate I have seen. ÂVery detailed.

I believe that gradients may be nearing introduction, but i am not a developer.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:57 PM, éåè <wei xuechao gmail com> wrote:
Hello, Dia maintainers,

ÂÂ I really need some texture effects, marble etc. to visualize the shapes in my drawing, but I haven't found any button or toolbar to achieve this.
ÂÂ So I want to ask which part of the panel to help me, or Dia has not realized this function.

Sincerely, weixuechao.

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