Re: Hyperlinks

Hi Ian,

hyperlinks have been requested many times. They're implemented in the current development version, which will become Dia 0.98 one day. If you cannot wait for the upcoming release, you have two choices:

* compile Dia master yourself
* Use the Dia Development VM, which is available from

Bugzilla tracks the Dia hyperlink story:



On 02/07/2012 06:34 PM, ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ wrote:
Is it possible to assign a hyperlink to an object on a dia sheet so that
when the object is clicked the linked file (which may or may not be another
dia sheet) is opened? I'm comparing with the hyperlink facilities in
freemind/freeplane. If it does not already do this, adding it would make
Dia a powerful tool for process mapping.

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