Re: [PATCH] Database shapes and start arrow

At 23.04.2012 07:10, Jim Ursetto wrote:
I noticed the database shapes set can change the end arrow type on references but
not the start arrow.  I was just curious if this was omitted for a reason.

I did not implement it the way it is and I'm not an expert in database diagrams. But a reason might be that the direction of the connection actually has a meaning. If so: arrows on both sides of the line would reduce the meaning.

I thought it might be useful, so I implemented start arrows at:

It is against HEAD but applies fine to 0.97.2.

There seems to be no downside except old files will print some warnings until you re-save:

1) loading old file into new dia: will warn to stderr that start_arrow is
     missing for all references,
This is not the way backward compatibility is handled in Dia. The right behaviour would be to initialize to the previous default without any warning whatsoever.
and default correctly to no start arrow
2) loading new file into old dia: will ignore the start arrows


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