Hi Mike. Thank you for your reply.

The DIA version are 0.97.2, latest version as I can see.

PC is a HP Elitebook 8760W, i5-2540M CPU, 2,60GHz

Hope this mail goes through.


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Frank,  You should probably explain what version of Dia  you are using and the details of your computer and operating system. 


I seem to remember this myself once, but I can't get it to happen doing what you said.  I don' think it is related to Dia exactly.  Is there a dialog hidden behind you windows asking for an answer or something?


Do not fear that I am the only person who can help out, others will be along presently.  But do keep experimenting carefully to see if you are causing it yourself somehow - it is not normal function, and Dia pretty dependable.



On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 7:52 AM, Frank Sommer <frs dansk-energi-service dk> wrote:

Dear Support.


I have just started using DIA. Main purpose is to try the possibilities of making  ISOmetric tube drawings including valves, pumps etc.


One problem has occured when drawing lines using the ”L”key  from the keyboard. After a few lines the picture is ”frosen”. Only a 4-arrow cursor can be move around on the screen. I cant even shut down.???




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