Re: A rip-off is a rip-off !!!!!!

Dear Fred Teeboom,

Am 04/11/2012 08:54 PM, schrieb Fred Teeboom:
A rip-off is a rip-poff !!!!!
Your message has been heard. I'm sure that everyone here on the mailing list agrees that you've
been ripped off (keep in mind that we're no lawyers).
But you're addressing the wrong people. The Dia mailing list is not behind this rip-off. We're not advising anybody to pay for Dia. Instead we're offering software and support for free. Did you get in contact with eBay/PayPal? They might have a chance to freeze/return the money you've paid. And they might have a chance to amend their terms of use in such a way that prevents fraudsters from making people pay for GPL'ed software that is available for free on the internet.
The gist of what I read is, that to obtain what I need I should read the
source code and develop my own version?
No Dia user is required to read/write source code or to compile Dia himself.
Dia is available in binary form for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux - for free.
What you should feature in your FORUM is: "If a vendor charges $14.00 for
Freeware, not his own, on EBay, should he declare under the Product
Description that this software is available free of charge, including the
User Manual, for a couple of minutes of download time? No need to wait a
week for a CDROM to arrive from England.  And that the free download is a
later version than the $14.00 version sent on a CDROM via USPS sneaker
Which "FORUM" do you refer to? If somebody want's to find a way to use Dia's popularity to rip off people, he'll find such a way. Regardless what the Dia community posts anywhere. Simply googling for something like "dia download" could have brought you to the conclusion that Dia is available as a free download - legally.
Then there is the deception that Dia is a "simper" version of VISIO?  I
Where did you come across that description?
downloaded a 60-day free trial of 2010 VISIO and I can tell you without
reservation, Dia it is not even close!
I'm sorry that Dia isn't what you've expected. But not all Dia users share your point of view.
In fact 90% of those who are reviewing Dia recommend it:

But of course: They downloaded Dia for free.



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