Re: External "so" module.

At 11.09.2011 01:22, Paul Chavent wrote:

On 09/10/2011 10:45 PM, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 11.09.2011 00:15, Paul Chavent wrote:
So you recommend to concentrate my effort on module integration (i work
on a "sozi editor") instead of trying to do an external module ?

Yes. IIRC the main thing blocking the inclusion with Dia was the
overlong string for sozi_script. I could do that split for you, but I
only want to do it once. So further updates from you should include
the fixed approach.

Yes i have a quick fix for this (yes it isn't really difficult). But i
also suggest some packaging patch on the sozi project side.
For dia I would like the following scenario :
- when running ./configure in dia i look for a sozi installation (sozi.h
in some include path)
- i use this header when compiling sozi.
So we don't need to maintain the sozi player part in dia. If we don't
found sozi, we don't try to compile this object.

I doubt depending on an external, new API really reduces the maintenance burden. Including the one necessary header might lead to a lot more people actually being able to use the sozi functionality.

Also I don't like the idea, that some new Dia object is only available if some - not yet exisiting (?) - external library is include with distributions.

I know that there is someone who is working on the sozi integration to
Sketch. So i think it could be easier for everyone to have a system wide
installation of sozi...

It is just the one header, isn't it? Hope they care enough to create a version which allows to compile with msvc, too.

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