Printing suggestion

I design/build custom cabinets/furniture & I've tried a lot of programs to get this done but Dia has them all beat for how easy it is to use.
I read the ways that you suggest people who use Dia to print & I may have an easier way to do it.
When you have it done & you're ready to print it do the following within Dia:
(1) Go to File/Export
(2) At Export Diagram
        (a) You can change the file name if you want or leave it the same
        (b) Pick the folder you want to save it in or leave it alone
        (c) At Export Options - Change the file extension to a common graphics file format like png, jpg, or gif. I have used Cairo png (*.png) & it got it done.
(4) Open up whatever you use to create documents (Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.). I use Word.
(5) Change your page layout to landscape
(6) Paste the diagram into the document (Word) by using Insert/Picture
(7) If it doesn't show in your Word page; Right mouse click in the Picture area Select Text Wrapping - Square. Your Dia diagram will be there & fit on the page.
(8) Save it and Print It.

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