Re: Shapes with embedded images

At 16.06.2011 01:48, Christopher Nelson wrote:
I created several shapes under my home directory (in ~/.dia) which
reference images elsewhere under my home directory.  When I deploy
these shapes, the image links are broken.  Looking at the .shape file
I see things like "xlink:href="file:///home/chrisn/v/5ES.png".  Can I
put the image I want to embed in the shapes directory and remove the

Looking at the code this is supposed to work. Please get back to us if it
doe not.

I copied the source image into the shape directory and changed the
.shape file to read "xlink:href="file://5ES.png" and the image in the
shape is still broken.

I can send my sheet and shape directories if you wish.  I'm not sure
if the list allows such attachments.

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