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At 15.06.2011 19:55, Vikram Subramanian wrote:

I think that is really a cool feature. In fact that will improve the
presentation features of dia.
What is the "presentation feature" of Dia ...
Ideally, we have to insert jpegs, pngs (both are lossy)
[ No PNG are _not_ lossy. That's the reason it is choosen to save the inline data. See: ]
into presentations and use ppt or equivalent.
... and where is the connection to Microsoft's proprietary Powerpoint format (ppt) ?

With this feature in order to drill down into a component, you actually
literally drill into (double click) the boxes (aka components, etc.)
This is not how it is implemented. You will have to use the context menu item "Follow link".

Talking about this, I can think of two clear reqs

1. Forward and Backward diagram traversal (drill down and drill up)
1. Drill-down on a particular component
2. Drill-down on a portion of the diagram
3. Drill-down on the diagram as such - say from High Level
Design to Detailed Level Design diagrams
* /Essentially, the user should be able to designate a child
diagram to the component(s) he like/.
2. Some kind of GUI tree - showing the traversal from one component
to the other.

Really valuable requirement.
None of the above is implemented and at least I do not plan to implement full blown inter diagram naviagtaion. But of course you could implment it yourself - the power of open source ;-)

Good work Hans!

@Jorge Camacho : I don't see the above requirement in the link you have
provided. It does talk about Diagram Tree, but doesn't seem to talk
about traversal.
Now I'm completely confused:
 - could not find a link provided by Jorge
 - the link I gave talks about meta info and diagram tree, but both these
   features are completely unrelated

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