Re: Is it possible to implement "flexible adding/removing connection point" feature?

The tone of this is so unfortunate (or maybe a troll joke?).  Seemingly, Cedar doesn't understand the volunteer nature of open source software.

In response, wrote a sarcastic screed, now deleted, that I won't share, instead I will just apologize for Cedar's rudeness and say again how happy I am with the work you all have done on Dia.

I advocate that Cedar use the connection point shape from the Electric Sheet and group it with other shapes and lines as a workaround for the meantime. One can shrink the connection point to a size small enough as to be invisible,or make it as gigantic as one sees fit.

To Cedar: if you want to ask for help or for an enhancement keep in mind that honey draws more butterflies than vinegar.  Since you love Dia, then you must really love the people who wrote it - at no cost to you whatsoever.

Making demands for explanations and work is just ...insert negative comment.  I advocate that you make a more comprehensive, polite request, and do a much better job of describing how this new feature should work, perhaps with reference to the software where you saw it and explain exactly how it works, and why you think it is better.

You can safely assume that Dia has its current form because it does exactly what the people who developed it wanted, and given what they were inspired to work on.  That is why any feature you want, that is not currently part of Dia is absent because the developers either didn't need it, or they weren't inspired to add it in the face of other more pressing needs.

If you want something new, you need to make an inspiring case for it, which you have not done.


On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 12:42 AM, Xuesong Lu <cedarlu gmail com> wrote:
Hi, guys,

I love DIA, but I'm very un-satisfied with the fact that DIA don't have
such an important feature, and felt eager to use it in DIA some day.
I believe it will greatly improve flexibity and productivity working
with DIA.

Could you guys kindly tell me why it was not there?
Do you think this feature is less important or is it too difficult to


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