Re: inline image, image relative path or...

At 08.06.2011 11:59, Edzo A. Botjes wrote:
After some googling I found the reason.. DIA does not store default the
image into the dia file.
There are two workaround on the web and the one on ( works,

For released versions the only way.

But the inline option that is described on the following is
"Images can be stored embedded in the diagram ("inline data"). You should
handle this option with care, because embedding images increases not only
the files size, but also the load and save times for the diagram."

Yes, the current development version has this extra option. The version history in shows that an unreleased is documented. (Probably the website should instead show the documentation generted from the 0-97 branch.

Where is this option :) I can not find it in the windows version (0.97.1),
but perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

ATM you would have to compile the development version yourself.


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