Re: Shortcut for changing between tabs in integrated UI

El 03/06/11 13:51, Hans Breuer escribió:
At 22.05.2011 02:15, Alejandro Ignacio Egas Biava wrote:
Hello, I use Dia in both Linux and Windows, and though I've searched and
experimented a lot, I haven't found any way to change between opened
tabs through a keyboard shortcut. Is there really some way to do it?

You could select one of the tabs (notice the focus rectangle on it) and than switch between two neigboring tabs with the cursor keys.

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Thanks for your answer. I think it would be nice if in a future version one can change between tabs with a direct keyboard shortcut, like Ctrl+PgUp/Down, or Alt+Ctrl+PgUp/Down. Best wishes for all the developers and contributors of this software that has been so useful for me.

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