Re: Why can't i export PDF files in any page size?

I think Maciej would have told you how to do what you ask, if it is possible.
You may want to experiment with the use of PNG to see if  that provides a "workaround" method.

It is also quite dependable to create screen images and crop them into JPG for use in other software.  If you have an Adobe software like Acrobat Pro, you can create PDF with that program with the JPG and perhaps the PNG (I have never tried that).

Returning to your original question, you did not provide sufficient information for us to troubleshoot your problem. Giving us access to the Dia file that fails to do as you desire would be helpful.  

You may have created an image that outside the page breaks. 
Do you have the page breaks set to a contrasting color so you can see where they lie?  
Or possibly you have a margin setting, or page scale that interferes.

On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 10:45 AM, huangzj <ivbohai gmail com> wrote:
I think it would be better if I can export PDF files in any page size.

On 20 December 2011 17:03, Maciej Jaros <egil wp pl> wrote:
huangzj (2011-12-20 08:06):

i like to export as pdf files and then included them in my tex documents.
But the bottom margin in the pdf files occupy two much meaningless space
in my documents.  How to solve this problem?

You could use high-resolution PNG files, which would give you the most stable results. You could also try different vector formats - I think Xfig would be the best for TeX, thou I'm not sure how good it works in Dia export function.

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