Newbie Questions

I am a new user of Dia. I hope it is OK for me to post some "newbie
questions" here.

I am just trying to create a simple flow chart. My questions are:

* How do I get the ruler to use inches rather than centimeters?

* How do I attach text ("yes" and "no") to the arrows that come out of a
decision diamond? Is there an automatic way to do it or do I simply add
free-floating text and group it with the arrow...or something else?

* How do I make text wrap within a process box? Right now the box resizes
(gets wider) if I type in too much text. I'd like the box to not get larger.
If I can't make the text wrap, can I at least fix the box size, i.e.,
prevent the box from getting wider if I accidentally type too much text?

Thank you very much!

San Francisco

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