Re: Adding a line style to box.c (SADT/IDEF)

At 29.08.2011 17:17, myken wrote:

I'm trying to add a line style (Dashed) attribute to the box.c shape of the SADT

I tried to use the diamond.c from the flowchart as a reference but I can't get
it to work.
If I double-click on the shape I can't select the line style attribute.

As I understand the structure of Dia I only need to change the box.c file, right?


As you see from the picture attached, I managed to add a source identified
attribute to the properties menu but I can't make the line style attribute appear.

Without the code /a patch) it is hard to guess. Maybe you are missing the PROP_FLAG_VISIBLE?

Any hint's ? Thanks a lot. Regards Robert.

Look at some change which works (not linestyle but color, though):


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