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On Tue, 28 Sep 2010 22:38:42 -0700, Zorgh <zorgh koysevox org> wrote:

Le 28/09/2010 00:48, Michael Ross a Ãcrit :
Are you saying that this is NOT a printing problem?  It is a problem
of viewing the Dia while working on it?

for example :

Zorgh, The blue lines you are seeing are printing page borders. Since
Dia always keeps the diagram to the leftmost and topmost part when using
the "fit to 1x1 pages" setting, when you move your diagram, Dia will
try to re-fit the diagram to 1x1, which will, of course, put it back to
the leftmost part of the page.

This would be solved by having an "center diagram in printing page" or
an option of the like, but Dia currently does not.

This is a printing problem.

If you want to *hack* around it, draw a white rectangle using the blue lines
as sides of the rectangle. Dia will not be able to calculate below this
page-size shape. Manually put your diagram in the center of the rectangle.

It is not a solution of course, but a hack and workaround only.


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