Can you reproduce misplaced connector after paste on new diagram? [retrying]

[Retrying, looks like it got lost in the way to the list.]


Can you reproduce this?

   0. Open Dia.
   1. New diagram.
   2. Place a shape on it (I use the "Cisco - Network" stencil).
   3. Place another shape on it (I used the same shape).
   4. Connect the two from center to center using the Line tool.
   5. Place yet another shape on it (I used the same one again).
   6. Move one of the endpoints of the drawn line to the center of the new
shape. I do this by dragging the red dot of the line to the new shape
until it snaps on its center.
   7. Select all shapes, including the line.
   8. Copy.
   9. New diagram.
10. Paste.

The line will be misplaced. However looks like its "snap to that shape's
center" directive is still good, because:

11. Either without unselecting move all shapes just a bit, or unselect all
and move either of the two shapes that are "connected" by the line.

The line will be correctly placed again.

So step 11 is the workaround.

Dia 0.97.1 under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.


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