Re: Release schedule?

At 12.08.2010 21:53, Steffen Macke wrote:

Could someone please orient me as to when the next release is

That's up to Hans to answer.
Looking back and considering that some people like to see a somewhat
fixed release schedule,
As outlined in my other mail I definitely don't, at least not if it comes with *my* spare time ;)

I would say that Dia is roughly on a one release
every year scheme (And the last release happened in January).

Interesting calculation, especially with just two sample points (i.e. releases done by me). My conclsuion differs:

 - With the current number of contributions it might take about
   a year from the initial idea to do a main release [1] until
   it actually is done [2].
 - Doing a bug-fix only release is usually faster [3], but it
   may take equally long to even mention that update on Dia's
   wiki home page [4]

If you want to do your own math, just take a look at the NEWS file [5]



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