Re: Nodes at crossing points

Hi Pooya,

I tried to create  a small filled circle, but I am not able to scale it down to an apropriate size.
What is "an appropriate size for you? Did you zoom in e.g. to 800% in
order to scale?
Did you turn off "snap to grid"? What exactly are the problem to scale
it down to an appropriate size?
I just tried with the "Perfect Circle" shape from the Assorted sheet,
and could scale it down nicely
to fit with a 0.1 cm wide line.

Did you also try to "scale up" your other elements to overcome problems
with "scaling down"
the node?

When you say, "node not centered", did you use the central, "main
connection point" for the circle shape?

Yes, I would like to split a line at an intersection point. To visualize this point, there should occur a 
node. From this node, the splitting begins and one line goes horizontally to the right, the other line goes 
vertically down.
That's a functionality I could imagine to be performed by a Python
script. How important is
this functionality to you? Isn't it possible for you to draw the node
first and then connect
the lines? Are you able to run Dia Python plugins?

Are you looking for a sample diagram that resembles the examples that
you've posted?

In this example, you can see, what kind of a connection node is meant:
( 1st of 4 pictures, lower part, "filled" node)Regards,



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