Re: Right angle lines (again...)

When ever I use a lot of a particular adaptation of a "Dia primitive" I will do cuts and pastes to get more of them.  For more involved groups that I wish to reuse I have a couple of other diagrams I drop them in to copy from.  Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V works, so it it is easy.  I never found the shape creation very intuitive or well documented (in older versions) so this is my workaround.


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 2:53 PM, Jim Clark <jclark00 us ibm com> wrote:

> did you try to delete a segment from your (freshly created) zig-zag line? To do this, select your zig-zag line and right or middle-mouse-click on the line and select "Delete Segment" from the context menu.

Nope...and that seemed to do precisely what I wanted!!!!! Hooray. Will make my life better. Thanks again!

Jim Clark

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