Re: Right angle lines (again...)

Hi Jim,

did you try to delete a segment from your (freshly created) zig-zag line?
To do this, select your zig-zag line and right or middle-mouse-click on the line
and select "Delete Segment" from the context menu.



Is there a way to make the zig-zag line (or some other line if that's the
way to do it) remain a hard right angle made of two lines only? The zig-zag
will move from a right angle to a zig-zag and the connection point will not
line up properly. I then have to eye-ball the line (at high magnification)
to get it to stay centered off the box it is departing from. Sometimes the
snap to right angle works, but sometimes it does not, or I move the box and
the right-angleness is lost.

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