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You may not be familiar with the concept of open source software.  It is free for you to use and improve as you see fit.  You an even join the team that improves and fixes it fi you are not satisfied.  But complaining is simply rude and uncalled for.  The software exists because some very generous people work on it.  Thanks and gratitude are the appropriate comments for this forum IMO.


On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 11:10 PM, Aman <boy18nj gmail com> wrote:

Dia is time wastage. Because of bugs, I wasted my 6 hours. Such common bugs in software. I cannot believe is it tested even before it is released. And I do not want to waste time by

Explaining the bugs to you guys.


Please-2, do pardon the people who are downloading, gave a clause there. This is full of bugs. Download and use it at your risk.


Best Regards,

Amandeep Jaswal


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