New program enhancement request


I congratulate you for your effort and work you've done with so wonderful program.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is David Rivera.  I'm working as a Senior Automation Engineer III.  I'm using your program everyday.  One of the things that I would like to see in future revisions is to allow to add text as part of the arrow/lines/standard arc, properties.  This will help me to simplify all my drawings. 

For example: When I'm doing a PLC ladder logic SFC (Sequential flow Control) diagrams, must of the times I need to re-arrange the Sequential Flow Diagrams due to additional Diagram boxes. The problem is that all the text that I put manually between the boxes I need to move them one by one.  It is frustrating.  I would expect something like the attached file.

In the attached file you can see the arrow that goes form Box A to Box B has a text included and the arrow breaks in two pices in order to allow the text.  I would like to have something like this as part of the arrow/lines/arc, etc properties.

I would appreciate your help on this matter. 


David Rivera

Attachment: Example Flow diagram.jpeg
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