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At 22.09.2009 13:45, Jordans, R. wrote:
Hi all,

I've been working with Dia on UML class diagrams for a while and I would like
to suggest a small change.

Currently, all UML class diagrams are scaled to match their contents.
I think that using a minimum width for these elements would give a much cleaner
output as most of the class boxes would have a similar width.

Another benefit would be that snap-to-grid would be working better ...

This can be achieved (I think) by a simple change the code of
umlclass_calculate_data() [1] by using this minimum width to initialize the
local maxwidth variable.

Although this might have worked I've taken a different approach because entering a preferred width does not look that user friendly. See:

Finally, I found another topic about tweaking UML diagrams [2] when looking
for earlier posts to this mailing list on this topic. One of the final
suggestions made in response to that is to add some generic settings for
UML diagrams (in that case: line width). Has there been any effort in that
direction so far?
Yeah. It got implemented almost a year ago and is thus available with the most recent release: dia-0-97 from about five month ago.

From ChangeLog:

2008-10-12  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>

        * objects/UML/actor.c objects/UML/class.[ch]
          objects/UML/class_dialog.c objects/UML/large_package.c
          objects/UML/note.c objects/UML/object.c
          objects/UML/small_package.c objects/UML/usecase.c : configurable
        line-width for UML elements, patch from Pablo Gra\~na

I think such a settings 'menu' would be a nice place to put this minimum width as well.

Sorry I don't quite understand. Since dia-0-97 there is a dedicated "Style" property page in the UML - Class properties dialog.


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