Re: dia 0.97 - finally released

Thanks, Hans!


I've updated news pages on Live Dia. Is the windows installer expected any
time soon? :-)

I'm working on it now. It should be out this week.

BTW. Will the installer work if I previously installed 0.97pre3 over 0.96.x?
In particular will "Open with..." work now or is there some easy way to fix
it by hand? (Windows XP Pro SP3)

I just tested "Open with" on my XP installation - it works for me.
Could you check that you
your problem is not bug #570592? Note that this is actually a libxml2 bug.

Over-installation gave two "Open with" context menu entries. But both
work for me.
If you want to avoid them, simply uninstall first. (I "over-installed"
to a different path).

Try to use c:\test\test.dia as the filename for your "Open with" test
- if it works, the problem is
bug #570592, not "Open with".

I'm still not sure if it's a good idea to issue the 0.97 installer
with this bug. Right now the best I can think
of is a web application that can tell you if your path/filename is
localized or not...

Should Dia prevent saving with a localized filename?
Should dia-win-remote issue a warning, if an attempt is made to open a
localized filename?



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