Re: Re: Python plug-in -- UML: how to access the association end?


Thanks a lot, I installed 0.97pre2, and indeed, it works now.

I never had any problem getting to connected objects: the example "" on the site shows clearly how to do it. (and so does "") But, as you said, version 0.96 does not give access to the properties I need. (I did not install a pre-version : I am quite busy with the bugs I introduce myself in my own Python scripts). But since I now have pre2 :

I think it would be better if:-
- the property now (mis)spelled "multipicity_a" would read "multiplicity_a",
- the properties "role", "multiplicity", "visibility"... would be attached to some object representing an UML association end (similar to what is done in UML meta-models)

I get a segmentation fault when I click on "dia object types" or "All object properties" in the help menu. (used to work, rather useful).



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