Re: UML Association file format changes in 0.97

On Jun 18, 2009, hans breuer org wrote:

Yes, the 0.96 Association had version="1", for 0-97 it is version="2".

That is my impression also.  I assume the following versions, and made Parse-Dia-SQL version aware:

        "UML - Association"  => [1,2],
        "UML - Class"        => [0],
        "UML - Component"    => [0],
        "UML - Note"         => [0],
        "UML - SmallPackage" => [0],

I have also noticed that multiplicity is spelled 'multipicity' in objects/UML/association.c.  
An unfortunate typo now part of the specification

Perhaps it one day will find it's way to "Notable misspellings":

Thank you for developing Dia.


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