Re: UML Association file format changes in 0.97

At 18.06.2009 11:26, andreas faafeng com wrote:

I am trying to sort out a bug [1] in Parse-Dia-SQL which seem to be triggered by UML Association file format changes in Dia version 0.97. I wonder if similar changes can be expected going forward,
Yes, changes to Dia's native format internals are to be expected in the future, though they usually try to keep even forward-compatibility. See e.g.:

and if yes, can the "version" tag be used to identify them?
Yes, the 0.96 Association had version="1", for 0-97 it is version="2".
Or am I missing something?

I have also noticed that multiplicity is spelled 'multipicity' in objects/UML/association.c. Is that intentional or a typo?

An unfortunate typo now part of the specification (answer a bit hard to be found by google suggesting the right spelling) at here:


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