Question from a new user (about Dia 0.97 pre-3)

Hello everybody,

I am a new user and I am really enthusiastic about Dia.
tried Dia in the past on Windows xp, some 6 month ago or so, but in the
end I switched back to Microsoft Visio (Dia was a bit buggy in my
At present, in my opinion, Dia is really improved :-)
More precisely, I am trying Dia 0.97 pre3 on Windows xp (sp 2).

would like to know if it is possible to select 3 or more diagrams and
change them in one shot in order to have the same size for all of them..
For example, I have 7 diagrams with a rectangle shape. 
Their size is different and I want to change their shape in order to have the same height and width. 
I looked for in the menus but I didn't find anything (e.g. in the object menu).

With Visio to do such a thing is really simple. 
You select them and you decide to change them according to the size of on of them (e.g. the smaller or the 

Best regards and keep up the wonderful work


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