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thank's Richard.  I think that my problem is not with the xsl itself. It's more to add this file to DIA because my xsl file works with an external xsl processor...

I'm comparing my xsl to other xsl (provided by dia) to check the syntax.

Regards, David

2009/4/21 Kerry, Richard <richard kerry siemens com>

If you're having trouble with the xsl itself (or external xsl
processors) you could try the Xsl mailing list:


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> Hi David,
> > I've done my own xsl file to transform a .DIA ton an other
> XML format. It
> > works when I use the xsl file outside (with msxsl.exe, the
> Microsoft Command
> > Line Transformation Utility) but if I add my file in DIA (
> by editing
> > stylesheets.xml), the file made by the export is almost empty.
> Dia uses libxslt to process xsl files:
> So you could use xsltproc to debug your code. Or share your code so
> that other users could have a look at your problem.
> Regards,
> Steffen
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