Dia LaTeX Export

I try to use Dia 0.96.1 on OpenSuSE 10.3 to visualize program code using a 
I'm using formulars inside the flowchart and so i want to make use of the tex 
export function to print them properly.
But unfortunately I can not manage to print them properly.
For example if i write $\varphi_0$ into an textfield within Dia and then 
export the flowchart to LaTeX using PGF plugin all formulars in the LaTeX 
code are escaped with \ and because of that the formula is not shown 
The example string is converted to \$\ensuremath{\backslash}varphi\_0\$ in 
the .tex file.
What am I doing wrong and is the a way to change this behavior?
best regards
have a lot of fun...

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