Re: german translation of UML state diagram transition

At 30.03.2009 22:46, Sebastian Setzer wrote:
the translation should be "Ãbergang" instead of "Ãbersetzung".

IMHO the latin term Transition should not have been translated at all.
But it already was for other occurrences, now fixed for this one as well.

And the translation of receptacle should probably be "benÃtigte
Schnittstelle" instead of "Buchstenkontakt" (which has a typo, too:
correct spelling is "Buchsenkontakt").

I'd say "Anschluss" or "Aufnahme" would be the more correct term (see: ). Or even "Buchse" - I did go for that. (For me "required interface" seems too far away of "receptacle")

Just commited.


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