Re: How-to set resolution for png export?

Ah, you remember I was reluctant to use even v0.96 becasue of the limitations with short cuts. I obtained v0.96.1 a few months ago and am using that so my penchant for screen dumps and printing trouble are with that version of Dia.  I have decided to forgo -pre versions. I look for ward to 0.97 when it is ready.

Thanks for all your work.  I like Dia, a lot.  It makes me more productive, and enhances my learning and work in many ways.  But, screen dumps are really fast and certain (I use Google Picasa for down and dirty image work).  Every now and then I try to print direcly from Dia and then I am back to my old tricks.  No patience.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
At 02.04.2009 18:19, Michael Ross wrote:
I use Dia in conjunction with Inkscape and Gimp to produce the various forms
of output I need.  I will make a screen dump and import that in to which
ever program is most appropriate.

Of course this limits me to only what I can get on screen, but that is
mostly good enough.

Ultimately,  I find output from Dia, other than a screen dump, to be more
time consuming than I like.  Even printing is uncertain enough that I
usually move the diagram into some other program for the final output, Word,
Open Office, Solidworks, Komposer, etc.

Thanks for your very constructive critique. Is this refering to Dia 0.97-pre
which IMO has vastly improved - at least for print output.

Or do you just continue a habit from an earlier version?


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