Re: Dia ext_attribute aggregate function question

On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 10:26 -0200, Donato Azevedo wrote:
Hi guys,

I am considering using dia for a project on my company but we need a
feature that I could not find described on the docs. So I am asking
here in case there is indeed a way to do it:

I want to create an extra attribute that is a function of the block's
children, for instance, I have an attribute called Cost: if a block is
a summary block (meaning it is composed of others) the value of Cost
is the sum of the attribute Cost of its children.

      |Summary Block  |
      |               |
      | Cost=2        |
             /  \
            /    \
      _____v__  __v_____
      | Leaf |  | Leaf |
      |cost=1|  |cost=1|
      --------  --------

Is it possible with Dia? Or would it require a developing effort?

This would not be possible without developing a plugin, either in C or
in Python.


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