Re: using Dia for exporting diagrams as pdf.

On 10/15/08, niket tandon <niket tandon yahoo co in> wrote:

For creating diagrams, Dia [ http://www.gnome. org/projects/ dia/ ] works
wonderfully, except when trying to export a diagram as pdf. Thesize of the
pdf diagram comes up really small. People use this feature when including
diagrams(as pdf) in LaTeX files.

Can anyone suggest a workaround please? I am in real need of this.

What I do is expot the diagram as an eps and then convert it to pdf,
like this in a Makefile:

SOURCES := $(wildcard *.dia)
PDF := $(SOURCES:.dia=.pdf)

all : $(PDF)

%.pdf : %.eps
        epstopdf $<

%.eps : %.dia
        dia -e $@ $<

The make file saves the trouble of manually exporting an eps every
time I change a diagram.

Hope that helps!
Research Scholar, Department of CSE, IIT Bombay

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