Re: Question about handles

Quoth Hans Breuer:
Am 29.07.2008 00:51, Don Blaheta schrieb:
an _English_ description would say that the line is "connected to" both
boxes, each box is "connected to" the line, and box 1 and box 2 are
"connected by" the line that runs between them (but only as a pair;
"box 1 is connected by the line" is nonsensical as English).  

Luckily it is not English to compile. If you can not descrive the 
connection of just a line and a box, than English is just not expressive 
enough to describe Dia's reality.

No need to snark; I had two goals in sending that paragraph, neither of
which was to suggest that English is sufficiently unambiguous and
descriptive to be compilable.  First, I perceive that there are many
non-native speakers of English on this English-language communications
medium, so I wanted to clarify the usage.  And second, I wanted to make
it clear that the English-language meaning of the variable names is not
a sufficient recourse for understanding, as presumed by comments like
your (Hans's) "

  > Sorry, why do you think *connected_to* does not give you "Connected to"??

from a week ago.

Based on Hans's "Yes" to my "Is that about right?", I think I mostly
have it, but it sounds like others on this list may not---I'll try to
write up my current understanding in more detail (which I should do to
better understand it anyway) and then post it here.  Which will also
give Hans and others another opportunity to tell me how I got it
wrong.  :)

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