Re: Question about handles

Dear Hans,

I am afraid i didn't understand much from your last e-mail, could you please elaborate it more.

One other thing, let me rephrase my question @ the very beginning,
How can I know the objects connected to a Standard - Line?

Thank You.

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 10:34 PM, Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:
Am 22.07.2008 16:49, Andrew M. Botros schrieb:

what does  "handle->connected_to->connected" exactly contain???
because when i connect a standard line to a standard box for example, and i
check the handles of the standard line, here is what i get

Handle num 0
Handle num 1
Connected to: Standard - Line

Sorry, why do you think *connected_to* does not give you "Connected to"??

In fact handle->connected_to is of type ConnectionPoint. ConnectionPoint::object gives you the object owning the connection point,
see lib/connectionpoint.h .

ConnectionPoint::connected is of type GList* and gives you a list of all object connected to that cp.

which means handle number 0 is not connected to anything, and handle number
1 is connected to a "Standard - Line" !!!!!!!

Which means you are running in circles no matter how many exclamation marks  you put therer ;-)

isn't this a bit strange that the line is considered connected to itself?

Sure it would be. But isn't it also a bit strange to look for bugs elsewhere first?


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