Re: Dia non-uniform scaling (aka "sub shapes") patch UPDATE (against svn rev. 3875)

I'm terribly sorry, it appears that I have forgotten to include the altered files in de lib/ dir to the previous patch.
In addition to that, I didn't notice this because I did not test against a vanilla svn checkout.

I have rectified the problem by:

1) Including the previously omitted files in the patch.
2) Verifying whether the included patch actually works on a vanilla checkout.

Additionally this patch is updated to work against svn revision 3880.

For the patch I isolated the dia unit system and put these in independent files (lib/units.[ch]).

Please note that in this patch I do not address the draw_background/fill background default behaviour that apparently changed.
So for each shape that you draw in svn dia, you will probably need to turn on drawing of the background manually in the object's properties dialog.

Hope this helps,

Marcel Toele
Kern Automatiseringsdiensten BV

2008/1/17, Lars Clausen <lars raeder dk>:

On Thu, 2008-01-10 at 15:47 +0100, Marcel Toele wrote:
> Hi guys,
> first of all, best wishes for the new year!
> With this post I present, to you, the latest update to the non-uniform
> scaling patch.
> This post is an update to the original posts:
> - The Preview Post:
> - The Request for Approval Post:
> - The Comments and Discussion follow-up Post:
> To summarize:
> 1. This patch allows to embed sub-shapes in a parent shape. The
> sub-shapes do not resize/distort when the parent shape
> is resized (i.e. they can resize independently).
> 2. Sub-shapes are "anchored" inside a parent shape. Supported anchors:
> Fixed (top/bottom/left/right) and Proportional.
> 3. This patch fixes an outstanding bug in dia that prevented shapes
> for having a default size (i.e. the dreaded default 2x2cm
> default size is now only used as a fallback, for each shape a default
> size can now be specified in all units that dia supports).
> 4. In order to prevent errors, the sub-shapes are trapped inside the
> parent shape.

Did you forget to include something in your patch?  The DiaUnitDef type
and the units array from widgets.c are not currently publicly available.
However, even when I make them so, your patch seems to have broken
shapes fatally, even the ones without subshapes.  The shapes simply do
not appear when I place them in the diagram.  Without your patch,
everything works fine.  Your patch also puts some "nan" values into

I'll commit the changes to make DiaUnitDef and units accessible (in
geometry.h), but the patch doesn't work.


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