Re: Dia shape sizes

Hi Ricardo,

I have two pending patches, one of which will solve this problem.

In short, it allows you to define the initial (drag 'n drop-size) of a shape in de .shape file.
If you only specify either the height or width, it will honor the aspect ratio of the shape you authored and derive the other
dimension based on the specified dimension (so if you specify only the width, it will calculate the height while keeping
the aspect ratio).

However, I think Lars is very busy, because he hasn't been able to verify/validate my patches and include these in the SVN trunk.



2008/2/8, Ricardo Larrañaga <rrl adinet com uy>:
Hello, my name is Ricardo and i am new using dia. I have a question and
hope someone out there can help out.
I have created many shapes and a sheet to save them for my diagrams.
When i created the shapes y was very careful with the size of each
chape, because they represent real things (connectors), and i wanted to
be able to create a 1:1 scale diagram. The problem is that when i drag a
shape created by me from my library sheet into a new diagram, i get the
shape with another size that isnt the one i created it with. Can someone
help me find out how can i drag a shape created by me from the sheet and
get the real size of the shape in the new diagram. Does it have
something to do with diagram scales?.
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