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I hope someone else will try to help you becasue I too have trouble making new shapes.  I actually quit doing this and instead I make groups of diagram entities.  I have diagrams that contain related groups that I can copy and reuse.  I believe this method will work for you also.  Instead of using the shape palettes I call up a diagram with groups that are useful for copying.  Then I copy and paste them from one diagram to another.

I do not think shapes are really intended for detailed representations of parts, but more they are primitives used to create more complicated groups of parts.  Or to make schematic elements, for example flow diagram blocks, and so on.

It has been years since I tried to make shapes and there was no documentation at the time.  I do not know if there is any documentation now as I have not looked recently.

I understand that when diagram is converted to a shape it takes the size of 2cm square. 

I think this is how it works: However large you may make it, it is scaled to fit into a 2 cm square.  Say that you make a diagram that is 4 inches square and another on the is 12 inches square.  When made into shapes the 12 inch square one will be reduce three times as much as the 4 inch square one to fit into a 2cm square size.  So it now appears to have a smaller scale whe both are used in a subsequent diagram.  A major caveat is that I have not tried to do this myself since I learned it.  Some people have made large groups of shapes but i has not been discussed in any detail on this list.

If I am correct you will need to work within a the same exact square area when making a diagram that you will convert to a shape.  If you make all your shapes within the same square you will not be surprised by their scale later.

When I was experimenting with shape creation I investigated the text format and syntax of pre-existing shape files.  You should probably do that also.  It is useful to become familiar with how they work at that level. 

I never had much luck understanding the placement of connection points and text within a shape.  Perhaps it is easier now.

I know some people have been successful with shape creation so it is probably worth some time and effort.  I on the other hand have change what I want to do to fit the basic functions of Dia as it comes "out of the box."  The only shapes I use are some basic electrical and circuit shapes.  I don't try to make shapes anymore.  It would be nice if an expert at this would write down the method for a simple shape creation.  I tried to work it out, but I failed to gain enough understanding to write a cogent set of instructions.


Yes, Mike, my question is about the program.

I have created many shapes and a sheet to save them for my diagrams.
When i created the shapes y was very careful with the size of each
chape, because they represent real things (connectors), and i wanted to
be able to create a 1:1 scale diagram. The problem is that when i drag a
shape created by me from my library sheet into a new diagram, i get the
shape with another size that isnt the one i created it with. Can someone
help me find out how can i drag a shape created by me from the sheet and
get the real size of the shape in the new diagram. Does it have
something to do with diagram scales?.

Michael Ross
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